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Imago Relationship International in cooperation with Imago Austria presents

International Imago Conference, May 17th - 19th 2019

"Inspiration and Tradition"


Tradition is not to preserve the ashes but to pass on the flame.

Thomas Morus


IRI and Imago Austria cordially invite you to the International Imago Conference 2019. We are excited to welcome our special guests: Founders of Imago Relationship Therapy Helen LaKelly Hunt and Harville Hendrix as well as renowned author and researcher Joachim Bauer.


Special social event on Friday evening: Psychotherapy ball in the castle of Miller-Aichholz. 


Imagotherapy owes its healing effect, to some extend to the ritualized frame of encounter. Rituals and traditions provide support, deepen emotions, focus on the essentials and support transitions and character growth. Time and again, however, it also requires critical reflection and the revival of proven concepts and forms through new sparks of inspiration. 



Europahaus Vienna

Linzer Straße 429

1140 Vienna

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