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Friday, May 17th

12.30 p.m.




01.30 p.m.


Official opening and welcome with Mag.a Susanne Pointner


02.00 p.m.




Prof. Dr. Joachim Bauer (lecture und discussion)


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03.15 p.m.


Coffee break


04.00 p.m.-

06.00 p.m.









Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D. Co-Creators of Imago Relationship Theory (lecture and discussion)

"Journey to Wonder and Full Aliveness: Imago and the SPACE-BETWEEN"


Where does therapy happen and what is the outcome? Traditionally, the location of therapy has been an exploration of our

inner world and the desired outcome has been freedom from our emotional pain and living in peace with ourselves and

others. This lecture will relocate the therapeutic process in the SPACE-BETWEEN, rather than the Space-Within, and propose

its outcome is the sensation of full aliveness and joy that is stimulated by the “felt sense” of connecting when the

SPACE-BETWEEN is reliably safe. Rather than mere relief from suffering, Imago is the conduit to the “felt experience”

of our true nature as connecting beings experiencing “belonging” in a connecting universe.


08:30 p.m.


Opening "Imago & More" - Ball on the occasion of the 20th jubilee of Imago in Austria

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Saturday, May 18th

10.00 a.m.










Harville Hendrix, PhD und Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD (Workshop)

"FINDING AND KEEPING THE LOVE: Experiencing Full Aliveness and Wonder in the SPACE-BETWEEN"

Workshop language: English, with German translation


Finding love and keeping it alive is the human dream. In this workshop, participants will learn how lovers find each other,

the interactions in the SPACE-BETWEEN that sustains or destroys love and practice skills that stimulate the sensation of

full aliveness and wonder. This workshop will include lectures, demonstrations and practice. It is open to all persons

interested in having a thriving, wonderous relationship and to therapists who help others find and keep love.  Participants

should come with a partner (spouse, friend, colleague etc.) in order to practice techniques.



11.30 a.m.


Coffee break



12.00 a.m.



Harville Hendrix, PhD und Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD (resumption of the 10.00 a.m. workshop)

Workshop language: English, with German translation



01.30 a.m.


Lunch break













Choose between 5 parallel Workshops, 03.00 - 05.30 p.m.


Workshop A

Leader: Maya Kollman, MA

"Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm: How to Manage Your Own Reactivity with a Couple in Crisis"

Workshop language: English, with German translation


When couple’s come to our office, they are often in a state of despair. They don’t understand despite their many efforts

why they can’t connect with each other.  They experience their disconnects as dangerous and a sign that something is

wrong with them and the relationship.  Our job as therapists is to provide a pathway for them to repair their ruptures so

that the ruptures are no longer cause for a sense of hopelessness and failure.  We live in a society where success means

you are happy all the time.  We are not prepared for the inevitable ups and downs of our relationships.  We do not

understand that our conflicts and ruptures are growth trying to happen.  In this training you will learn about your role as

a regulator of a dis-regulated system.  Of course the place where this is most difficult is when the rupture involves an

infidelity or a chronic addiction or domestic violence. When a crisis of this nature shows up in our office  it is even more

vital that we explore our own biases and triggers so we can stay neutral and grounded.  In this training, you will have a

chance to explore your own triggers and what gets in the way of you being able to be calm in the face of the pain and

upset in your office.  You will gain tools to quiet the stormy waters, so that a couple can move from their reptile into their

frontal lobe and become a team in service of the relationship.


Learning Objectives:

1: Understand the gold underneath the crisis that is presenting itself.

2: Explain the therapists role in establishing a safe and empathic structure when couples are polarized and in crisis.

3: Utilize Imago processes to promote secure attachment and emotion regulation in an insecure, dys-regulated couple system.

4: Describe and clinically use a relational neuroscience model to enhance the dialogue.

5: Assess the therapists counter-transference and potential for vicarious traumatization when working with crisis couples.



Workhop B

Leaders: Mag.a Elisabeth Gatt-Iro and Mag. Dr. Stefan Gatt

Workshop language: German (no English translation!)


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Workshop C

Leader: Florian Bösel

Workshop language: German (no English translation!)


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Workshop D

Leaders: Wiebke and Ingo Anton

Workshop language: German (no English translation!)


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Workshop E


Leaders: Claudia Luciak-Donsberger, Dr. Mikael Luciak, Sabine Bösel and Roland Bösel

Workshop language: tba


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05.30 p.m.


Tributes of the newly certified and new Imago Austria members



Sunday, May 19th

09.00 a.m.





Eva Wessely (lecture and discussion)

German, with English translation


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10.00 a.m.


Coffee break


10.30 a.m.

 Claudia Luciak-Donsberger and Mikael Luciak (lecture and discussion)                                                      

German, with English translation   


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11.30 a.m.