Speakers and workshop leaders

Dr.in Sabine Bösel

Sabine Bösel is a psychologist, psychotherapist, Imago therapist,
Imago workshop presenter, and book author. She is
qualified in systemic family therapy, conversational therapy, biodynamic body psychotherapy, intimacy
and sex therapy, and brain spotting.

Roland Bösel

Roland Bösel is a psychotherapist, Imago therapist,
Imago workshop presenter, and book author. He is
qualified in integrative gestalt therapy, concentrative
movement therapy, systemic family therapy, intimacy
and sex therapy, and brain spotting.

Mag.a Evelin Brehm

Evelin Brehm is a psychotherapist, supervisor, coach, Imago couple therapist, Imago workshop presenter and senior Imago Clinical instructor. She has degrees in education as well as
special education.

Mag. (FH) Klaus Brehm

Klaus Brehm works in adult education and is a psychotherapist (member of the EAP), trainer, life and social counsellor, Imago couple therapist, Imago workshop presenter and senior Imago clinical instructor. He  studied social work and social science.

Cornelia Cubasch-König, MSc.

Cornelia Cubasch-König is a psychotherapist, couple therapist and supervisor maintaining a practice in Vienna. She is an Imago Single- and Couple workshop presenter and teaches
integrative therapy at the Danube University Krems.

Mag.a Elisabeth Gatt-Iro

Elisabeth Gatt-Iro is a clinical and health psychologist,
psychotherapist, Imago couple psychotherapist, supervisor, and coach with an independent practice. She is certified in body-oriented psychotherapy and group dynamics.

Mag. Dr. Stefan Gatt

Stefan Gatt is a coach and trainer for team, relationship and personality development. He is a certified systemic coach,  Imago Professional Facilitator and Imago Workshop Presenter Educator.

Ute Giffey-Koschka

Ute Giffey-Koschka is a transactional analyst, EMDR trauma therapist and Imago couple therapist. She is qualified in sexual corporel and tantra. She attended the EcCT Masterclass "Encounter-centered Couples Therapy" by Hedy Schleifer in Washington DC. She teaches communication and self-experience at the Applied University in Upper Austria.


Hans Giffey

Hans Giffey is a psychotherapist, sensual life coach, Imago couple therapist and Imago workshop presenter. He attended several relationship, sexuality and personality development trainings and the EcCT Masterclass "Encounter-centered Couples Therapy" by Hedy Schleifer in Washington DC.

Photo: Klaus Vyhnalek

Matthias Horx

Matthias Horx is considered the most influential futurist in the German-speaking world. Between 1980 and 1992, he worked as author and editor on the magazines Tempo, Die Zeit and Merian.


In 1993, he founded the Trendbüro Hamburg with Peter Wippermann. Trendbüro rapidly became the nucleus of German marketing orientated trend research, and five years later Matthias Horx founded the Zukunftsinstitut. (www.zukunftsinstitut.de)


.With headquarters near Frankfurt (Kelkheim) and branches in Vienna and representatives in London, the economic and political think-tank is now very much in demand throughout Europe.



Maya Kollman, MA

Maya Maya is one of only five certified Master Trainers in
Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix,
Ph.D. She is an Imago workshop presenter and Imago clinical instructor to train therapists in all levels of Imago Relationship Therapy training. Maya is a former Professor at Rutgers University and currently maintains a private practice in New Jersey. She is widely sought worldwide for training, supervision and lectures.

Mag. Christoph Koder

Christoph Koder works as a systemic coach, supervisor, mediator and psychotherapist. He is qualified in systemic constellation work (APSYS), Imago therapy and is an Imago certified advanced clinician and Imago professional facilitator maintaining an independent practice.

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Michael Lehofer

Specialist in psychiatry and neurology,  clinical and health psychologist and psychotherapist. Medical director f the Styrian drug counselling office. Clinic and scientific head of the Addiction Research Society (ARS). 


Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Alfred Pritz

Alfred Pritz hast degrees in psychology, psychopathology as well as education. He is rector and founder of the Sigmund Freud University Vienna with more than 4.000 students. He is chairman of the World Council for Psychotherapy and author and publisher of more than 20 psychotherapy books.

Mag.a Maria Richter-Zima

Maria Richter-Zima is a systemic psychotherapist, Imago couple therapist, Imago Workshop presenter, coach and trainer. She is qualified in trauma therapy (somatic experiencing), body-oriented psychotherapy, systemic therapy and constellation work.

Mag. Dr. Peter Stippl

Peter Stippl is a psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, coach and chairman of Österreichischer Bundesverband für Psychotherapie (the Austrian association for psychotherapy).

Sigrid Wögerbauer

Educator, Psychotherapist and Imago couple therapist.


Dr. Georg Wögerbauer

General practitioner, medical specialist in psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic medicine, psychotherapist, Imago couple therapist, author.