Imago Days 2020, May 8th-10th 2020

"Addiction and Relationship"



"The addict is looking in the wrong places, 

but (s)he is going after something very important, 

and we cannot afford to ignore the meaning of her/his search."

Deepak Chopra, Overcoming addictions


In (couple) therapy and (couple) counseling addictions are often concealed or downplayed. Addictions almost always have massive consequences for the environment. Relationships are transformed so that the addiction (drugs, work, alcohol, etc.) can be combated and maintained at the same time.


At the Imago Days 2020, we want to explore the dangers to relationships and the healing opportunities that a relationship can offer, and also to get to know and deepen prophylactic approaches to working in individual and couple settings.





  • Dipl.-Psych. Andrea Schaal
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Musalek
  • Mag. Dr. Peter Stippl
  • Mag.a Susanne Pointner



  • Maureen Brine
  • Sabine and Roland Bösel
  • Florian Bösel
  • Stefan Gatt and Helmut Andraschko


Conference Venue



Seminar hotel Retter

Pöllauberg 88

8225 Pöllauberg/Austria