Program Imago Days 2020

The workshop and lecture contents will be announced soon!

Friday, May 8th 2020

9.00 am








Pre-conference - Communologue (max. 12 participants)

The communologue is an innovative group process in which an atmosphere of safety and integrity facilitates deep connections and discussions.


Due to organizational reasons, participation in the pre-conference is limited to 12 people. Please let us know whether

you want to register for the pre-conference as well in the respective section of our online registration form. Please

note that we assign the pre-conference seats according to the time of the registration. 


12.00 pm


Lunch for Pre-conference attendees


01.30 pm  


Start seminar registration


02.30 pm



Conference opening and attunement by the Chair of the Imago Association Austria, Mag.a Susanne Pointner, and short

kick-off speech by Mag. Dr. Peter Stippl on "Meaning - Relationships - Meaning of Relationships"

Language: German  (no translation)

03.00 pm



















"New approaches in treating addiction - The Orpheus Programme" 

Speaker: Univ-Prof. Dr. Michael Musalek

Language: German, no translation

Presentation and discussion


The Orpheus Programme is based on an individualised, modular treatment concept, which was originally developed for people

suffering from addiction and was later adapted for those affected by burnout. The programme takes its name from the ancient

myth about Orpheus and the sirens.



The heart of the treatment programme lies in nurturing, developing and using individual resources, specifically aesthetic and

optative ones, i.e. resources of beauty and possibility. The idea is that these resources can help addicts fill their lives with so

much beauty that addictive substances lose their appeal, or ideally even turn into nuisances that are happily avoided.


Base modules on nurturing attention and mindfulness provide the basis for subsequent modules on body awareness, nature

experience, creative development through handicraft, art, dance and music, as well as philosophical reflections on life.

Enjoyment modules conclude the dialogic treatment process between the therapeutic team and the patient, which primarily

aims at creating spaces and atmospheres that allow individuals to live largely autonomous lives filled with as much joy as possible.


04.30 pm


Coffee break


05.00 pm
















"Sex - The drug promising satisfaction and more"

Speaker: Dipl.-Psych. Andrea Schaal

Language: German, no translation

Presentation and discussion


Experiencing sex – whether in reality or virtually through porn – triggers a storm in our brain. Letting go of so much good is

hard; and as with everything that promises superstimulation for our brain, addiction lurks just underneath the surface. It is a

creeping process in which feelings of joy, recognition and well-being are transferred from partners to objects of quick sexual



The skills that we typically need to share sexual intimacy with a romantic partner are almost irrelevant in these situations, and

skills that are only used rudimentarily tend to go to waste.  People no longer need to actively shape their relationships in a way

that they feel happy and passionate around each other. Partners start connecting in different ways, or even lose contact. Sex

with strangers or sex dolls and pornography consumption dehumanise and degrade sex. This changes individuals as well as

relationships and society.


06.30 pm




07.00 pm


Tour at the organic farm of Hotel Retter followed by dinner


Saturday, May 9th

09:30 am-

05.00 pm















Workshop 1:

 "What is an addiction really?  Imago Relationship Therapy and Addictions - The Rationale, the Relevance and the Relationship"

Workshop leader: Maureen Brine

Workshop language: English (no translation)


Workshop 2:

"Addiction as an Opportunity - From surviving to living. Utilisation of survival patterns.

Workshop leaders: Sabine and Roland Bösel

Workshop language: German (no translation)



11.00 am


Coffee break



11.30 am


Resumption of the workshops



01.30 pm





02.30 pm-

05.00 pm


 Resumption of the workshops




05.15 pm-

06.00 pm



Introductory lecture by Mag. Dr. Stefan Gatt and Helmut Andraschko to Sunday's workshop "Reconnect - Experiencing

Nature as a Means of Preventing Addiction"

Note: only for workshop participants



 07.30 pm





Sunday, May 10th

09:30 am-

01.00 pm


 (Workshop 3 starts at 6.00 am for group A already!)










Workshop 1: 

Continuation of Saturday's workshop "What is an addiction really?  Imago Relationship Therapy and Addictions

- the Rationale, the Relevance and the Relationship"

Workshop leader: Maureen Brine

Workshop language: English (no translation)


Workshop 2:

"Theater as a Mirror in Therapy"

Workshop leader: Florian Bösel

Workshop language: German (no translation)


This workshop lets you think outside the Imago box. It shows how issues from everyday therapy can be represented

creatively using methods and exercises from theatre pedagogy in order to create inspiration for our therapy work.



Although Imago therapy sessions stir up many things on the inside, physical activity is often neglected. This is why it

might be valuable for couples as well as therapists to use other methods in order to relax and get in the right mood for

a dialogue. Also, the very aim of Imago therapy is similar to that of acting; not only in that both fields require partners

to say “yes” to each other’s offers. Theatre pedagogy provides methods for exploring group dynamics as well as personal

traits. It also helps sharpen the eye for aesthetics; and in the end, finding beauty in each other often proves to be half the

battle for a struggling couple.



Workshop 3:

"Reconnect - Experiencing Nature as a Means of Preventing Addiction"

Workshop leader: Mag. Dr. Stefan Gatt and Helmut Andraschko

Workshop language: German (no translation)

Note: This wrkshop already starts at 6.00 am for group A with an outdoor session lasting until 8.00 am.

Afterwards, there will be a breakfast break. The workshop will then resume  indoors at 11.00 am.


The workshop consists of a self-experience and an implementation part:

1. self-experience in two groups:

Group A: 6.00 am - 8.00 am, subsequent breakfast break until 11.00 am

Group B: 8.30 am - 10.30 am


2. Implementation workshop from 11.00 am until 1.00 pm for both group A and B



01.00 pm-

01.30 pm