Pre-Conference Workshop With Maya Kollman, PHD

"Imago And Human Nervous System: How To USe Resources To Calm Ourselves and Our Couples In Moments Of Reactivity"

April 24th-25th 2024, Vienna


Note: The Pre-Conference Workshop is held in English (without translation!) 


Join me for a pre-conference workshop that delves deep into the fascinating connection between Imago Therapy and Theory, Polyvagal Theory, the wisdom of Daniel Siegel, and the transformative practices of Yoga and Mindfulness. In the complex landscape of human experience, one of our most significant challenges is navigating our nervous systems when faced with fear.


Imagine this: Your body's instinctive response, honed through millennia of evolution, is designed to protect you in moments of physical danger. The catch? Your primal brain can't differentiate between physical and emotional threats, often leaving you overwhelmed and rupturing your most important connections. But fear not! My immersive workshop is your gateway to the latest research on the intricacies of the human nervous system. Discover powerful techniques to master your reactivity and the couples you work with. You'll emerge from this training armed with tangible tools through a dynamic blend of movement exercises, captivating lectures, enlightening videos, and eye-opening demonstrations.


Learn how to employ psycho-education to foster couples' understanding and compassion for the profound challenge of managing the human body during moments of perceived threat. It's time to unlock the secrets of peaceful living and deep connection. Join me on this exhilarating journey toward a more harmonious and enriched life!


Times: Wednesday, April 24th, 03 pm - 07 pm  & Thursday, April 25th, 09 am - 01 pm (8 hours in total)


Training venue: brehms+zentrum, Staudgasse 7, 1180 Wien/Vienna 


Fee: 190,00 € per attendee 


Hinweis für Psychotherapeut*innen und Psycholog*innen: Der Pre-Conference Workshop ist im Ausmaß von 10 Arbeitseinheiten als Fortbildung vom Österreichischen Bundesverband für Psychotherapie (ÖBVP) und vom Bundesverband Österreichischer Psycholog*innen (BÖP) zertifiziert. 


About the workshop facilitator: 

Maya holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is one of five Master Trainers of Imago Relationship Therapy, trained and certified by Dr. Hendrix, the founder of Imago Therapy.